The Authors Electric Inaugural Quiz - by Karen Bush and Susan Price

Sue Price
 I was whiling away a few minutes with the Guardian quiz... And then I watched Pointless... And then Have I Got New for You... and I realised: I love quizzes. People love quizzes.

      Karen Bush does too, so we put our heads together and, with help from
Karen Bush
the Quibblo site, concocted this quiz. It's over there, to the right, on the sidebar.

     Karen set the questions: I endured the usual faff and fankle with passwords and log-in security puzzles.

      It's a quiz on children's books (since we write for children.) See if you can get ten out of ten.

       There was one question about Dick King-Smith, but Quibblo wouldn't allow me to put it up. It said, primly, 'Please remove the inappropriate term 'dick.'
Ooooh, Missis! Behave!
      So, despite Dick King-Smith being a highly respected and loved writer for children, and the author of 'The Sheep-Pig' which became the film, 'Babe,' there won't be any questions about him.

About the Quiz Mistresses

     Karen Bush's first love was riding and horses, and she trained as a riding instructor. She holds the BHS Int.T qualification and has worked in riding schools - including the internationally renowned Suzanne's Riding School - as well as pursuing a career as a freelance teacher. She has also contributed many articles to 'Horse and Pony,' 'Pony' and 'Your Horse' magazines.
Dog-Friendly Gardening by Karen Bush
     Also 'Your Dog' - because, of course, she is 'Madwippit.' Her latest book is Dog Friendly Gardening - how to make your garden a safe haven for you and your hound.
     She's also useful with a longbow, and dispenses much needed tips on how to string same via email. Whether she can manage a Parthian shot from the back of her horse, I've no idea, but I wouldn't put it past her.

     To find out more about her books, follow this link.
     Karen's own website is here.
     Karen's whippets write their own blog here!

     Susan Price was born, and still lives, in the Black Country. She was uneducated at a large comprehensive school, which she left with a few 'O' levels and a publishing contract with Faber, signed by her father, because she was under-age. She has earned her living by writing ever since, producing over 60 books, everything from Goldilocks to The Sterkarm Handshake, a novel for young adults which has 'crossed-over' to be read by adults.
      Her several awards include the Carnegie Medal for The Ghost Drum, and the Guardian Children's Fiction Award for The Sterkarm Handshake. While always writing, Susan has worked as a shelf-filler and cashier in a supermarket, washed up in a hotel kitchen,
The Wolf's Footprint by Susan Price.
been a guide at the Black Country Museum, and taught creative writing. For ten years she volunteered as a tutor with an adult literacy group, and was also a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow for three years..
      At nineteen, she had her first public-speaking gig, and since then has given talks at schools, libraries, festivals all over the country, universities where she wouldn't qualify as a student, and even in some foreign parts.

     To find out more about her ebooks, follow this link.
     Her own website is here.
     Her blog, which she may find time to update soon, is here. Scroll down - there's plenty to read.


madwippitt said…
Yes! I got them all right! Which is something of a relief I suppose ... :-)
Lydia Bennet said…
I got six out of ten, not brilliant, I can't seem to get the quiz box to tell me what was right, just how many people chose what answer, but still, another 'how to' in telling us about Quiblo! Thanks lasses!
Sandra Horn said…
I got 8 and am now well fed up!
madwippitt said…
Would you like a list of correct answers?

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