Quiz me quick - Karen Bush

It's that time of year when quizzes and presents abound - so I thought I might combine the two in my post this month. 

I have donned my festive Quiz Me Quick hat and set a few brainteasers for you: should you feel like participating, I am awarding either a copy of any one of my e-books or a gift-wrapped copy of the paper edition of Everything Your Dog Expects You to Know (I'll pay UK postage) to the winner of each category. The person with the most correct answers in each category wins - in the event of a tie, the names will go in a hat.
Don't post your answers here, but email them to me via the contact page of my author website HERE, where you can also find details of my ebooks.  The deadline is 8th January and the winners will be announced on my blog post here on the 10th.

The Questions!
Which authors wrote books in which the following horse or dog characters appear? You get the idea: there's a horse or dog theme as that's what I mainly write about ... You can either do the dog questions, or the horse ones, or if you are feeling really energetic, enter twice by doing both categories. 

HORSES (oh alright, so two are donkeys and another is a unicorn)
1. Ginger, Merrylegs and Captain 
2. Bucephalus the Great Horse
3. Black Boy and Rapide
4. Cascade and Siani
5. Roan Barbary
6. Flicka and Thunderhead
7. Fledge, Bree and Hwin
8. Mancha and Gato
9. Findhorn
10. The Maltese Cat
11. Shadowfax
12. Shantih
13. Joey
14. Modestine
15. Binky
16. Violetta 
17. Boxer, Molly and Clover
18. Rocinante
19. Whinney, Racer and Gray
20. The Pie

DOGS (and a couple of wolves)
1. Montmorency
2. The Disreputable Dog
3. Nighteyes
4. Bullseye
5. Winn-Dixie
6. Scraps, Gaspode and Laddie
7. Widdle and Puke
8. Cadpig
9. Cuddy and Svart
10. Wolfie
11. Wag
12. Boogie
13. Jim and Jess
14. Rowf and Snitter
15. Timmy
16. Fluffy and Fang
17. Charley (poodle)
18. Buck and White Fang
19. Chiquitito
20. Crab


Bill Kirton said…
Oh dear, sorry madwippitt, I don't know any of them. (I know, I know - there's a huge gap in my education). The only flicker I got from your questions was that I used to have a boat moored at Findhorn. Merry Xmas.
Susan Price said…
Ha! - I know what book Cuddy and Svart appear in! Thanks for the nod, Madwippit.
I'm surprised how many of the horse answers I know, and how few of the dog answers - though I know Montmorency, and Scraps, Haspode and Laddie.
Dennis Hamley said…
I do know one or two but not enough to win a prize so I won't say which ones they are. By the way, Blogger thinks I'm a robot again.
Sharon Stogner said…
I know a few of the dogs...but where is Cujo? ;)
madwippitt said…
No Cujo Sharon, because he gives dogs a bad name ... and anyway I had difficulty whittling all the possibles down to a mere twenty :-)

Do please have a go Dennis, Sue and Bill - you never know, maybe no-one will know all of them so you could still be in with a chance of winning ...
(And Dennis, it thinks I'm a robot too and I WROTE this post!!!)
Chris Longmuir said…
I've failed miserably. I only got one dog - Bullseye! And it thinks I'm a robot as well. Let's formulate a robot clan or gang or whatever!
glitter noir said…
Omg, I dunced out. But am proud to say I didn't Google for the answers.
madwippitt said…
I'm sure you know lots really - there are some classics in there, really! As in classics you will have read at school, even if you weren't interested in either dogs or horses ... plenty of time to scratch your heads and work out the answers! :-)

(And it STILL thinks I am a robot. I'm not. Although I do like Asimovs Three Laws and think its a shame they can't be hot wired into human brains at birth ...)

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