Deck the Halls by Wendy H. Jones

I am sure the whole world knows that Christmas is upon us. Everyone is chasing their tails trying to get ready for the big day, or two days if you celebrate on boxing day as well. I am no different to anyone else. My days have been filled with present buying, card writing, turkey buying, and a search for all the endless trimmings that go with a turkey dinner. What's this got to do with writing I hear you ask. Bear with me, I'm getting there. I have the added joy of being an author. This means that my Christmas has been full of book signings as well as all the usual parties and frivolities. Okay, my book signings are full of frivolity as well. I'll give you that. 

The title of my post is Deck the Halls. Well it's not quite deck the halls today, but certainly dressing me. I have appeared in a number of guises throughout the festive period. In the photo above I was signing books at a local shopping centre. The picture above is me dressed as a smiling santa, complete with penguin jumper. As people went past my table I smiled at them and said this is your one and only chance to get a crime book signed by a smiling santa. It caught their attention, made them laugh. Many bought books which was fabulous. Many  didn't but I certainly brightened up their day. 

Not only was I dressed up but so was my table. No self respecting crime writer should be seen without a noose, some bullets and a few syringes full of poison. The burning question of the day was - are the chocolates poisoned. Many brave souls tried one and as far as I know they are all alive to tell the tale. I consider it a bonus that the police have not knocked on my door quite yet. 

I also did a book signing at the CLC bookshop along with three other authors. I had dead bodies covered. Sorry I mean crime. Dorothy Courtis was selling her fabulous sagas. Caroline Johnson had YA sewn up with her book What If? John Halverson catered to the children's market with his book The Big Brown Lazy Dog. Here we are looking well dressed and yet somewhat maniacal. Working together with other authors is a great way to get the word out about your books. It is also lots of fun. 

This morning I was transformed into a rather fetching Elf. This had nothing whatsoever to do with books, but a lot to do with fun. I was at a Christmas party for a drop in centre at which I volunteer. As authors we can often get so caught up in our books that we forget we are people too. Today it was time for me to let my hair down and just be me. 

Why am I saying all this? If you are an author think of ways in which you can do things differently. See if there is anything like this you can do with your books. The strategies I have used may not work for you. Think about what might work. Is there any way you can deck the halls of your book promotions and get the word out. 

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy every minute of it and remember you are first and foremost you. See you all in 2016. 


About the Author

Wendy lives, and writes, in Dundee Scotland. Her first book, Killer's Countdown, was published in November, 2014. The second book in the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries, Killer's Craft, was released on 20th July, 2015. The Third book, Killer's Cross, was released on 16th November, 2015. You can find out more on her:

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Love the elf suit, Wendy! Dressing your table with noose and bullets reminds me of when I flew to Belfast to do a talk about my Pendragon series of books for young readers - I had a plastic sword (Excalibur lookalike) that I used to wave around as part of my talk, quite popular with the kids. But I was travelling with only hand luggage... could I take my sword on the plane? "Sorry, Madam, what's the reason for your journey today? An author visiting schools? Really? Step this way, please..." (Actually the last part didn't happen because I did the sensible thing and left the sword at home, where it died a natural death a few months later, when a 9 year old boy swung it rather too boisterously at his friend and snapped off the hilt.)
Chris Longmuir said…
Your energy continues to amaze me, and I'm sure you've worked that penguin jumper to death. Totally appropriate for a crime writer. And I do envy you your noose! Great post.
glitter noir said…
You continue to inspire, Wendy. Can't wait for your book on the subject in March.
Fran B said…
Last year, my NY resolution was to 'get with' the use of social media for publicising my writing (and I've done that with Facebook, Twitter and upgrade of my website. I think 2016's resolve must be to get out and about physically a lot more. You are inspiring me. My trouble is having such a thin skin - I hate pushing my books myself and I curl up and die when people ignore me or say 'no thanks'. I wonder what would help me overcome this?
Bill Kirton said…
Great stuff, Wendy. Looking forward to picking your brains and absorbing some of your energy at Cliff Cottage in the new year. Happy Xmas.

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