Marketing Blues: Misha Herwin

There’s a watery feeling in my stomach. My head feels as if it’s not properly joined to my body and I keep forgetting where I’ve put things.
All classic signs of stress, but I’m not taking an exam, or going for a difficult interview, or an unwanted visit to the doctor. I am just embarking on my marketing schedule for my new novel, “Shadows on the Grass.”

I know that this is an intrinsic part of being a writer, especially so, if you are Indie published. It’s what I signed up for, so why is it causing me all this angst?
There are, I think, a number of reasons.
The first is the fear of getting it wrong. Marketing now is such a big thing and there are is so much to organise that, if you are like me and like to do things properly, the scope for not doing so is huge. When should I send out the review copies? When should I ask people to host my blog tour? Whom should I choose?
Which of course leads nicely into the second fear. It’s not always easy to ask. People are busy, I tell myself. It’s a bit of an imposition, why should they bother etc. etc. The reasons go round and round in my head, cleverly masking the fact that what I am really scared of is rejection.
Rejection, however, is part of a writer’s life. We all know the stories. Best-selling author rejected dozens of times before their break through. Even so, it is something that is never easy to deal with, though it does get better with time.
But if you don’t ask, you don’t get and if you don’t send out your work, you’ll never get published.
Most writers are helpful and supportive. Most like to say “yes” if they can and if not they are tactful and kind in their refusal.
As for getting it wrong. How can you learn if you never make mistakes?
So, deep breath.
The requests for blog tours are being sent out, the reviewers have been contacted. This blog has been written and the adrenaline is now flowing. From feeling like a terrible chore, I am now excited and eager to get going.

All that is left is to wonder if anyone else has to go through this, or am I unique in suffering marketing blues. 


JO said…
I'm with you - I loathe marketing!
Bill Kirton said…
Me too. But you're way ahead of me, MIsha. At least you're actually doing something about it. I never get beyond the 'best-laid-plans' stage.
Umberto Tosi said…
I'm with you, Misha! I know the feeling. Good luck!
misha said…
Thank you. As usual, it's good to know that I'm not alone in this. Sometimes I feel that everyone else is so efficient and competent, while I am a shivering jelly hiding under the duvet.

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