Something completely different - with guest bloggers Archie & Angel

As our Madwoman says that since nobody reads her blogs here anyway
(yeah, she's having one of those days)
and that nobody would notice if she didn't actually
stick her monthly blog up
(yeah, alright, so she does probably have a point there)
we have hijacked it for our own purposes.
Nothing nefarious - just a shout for the forthcoming
online auction to help raise funds for Kim's Home.

It's a great cause, and if you can donate something that would be great - details
are below - but if not, do visit the auction (held on Facebook)
as there is loads of great stuff both for dogs and two leggers.
And apart from the warm fuzzy, channelling-Brian-Cox feeling
it will give you, just think of how smug you will feel when
you've been able to do all your Christmas shopping
by the end of November!

If you'd like to learn more, here's the link to the webpage: KIM'S HOME
And on Facebook HERE


Lynne Garner said…
Morning - what a fab place.

I don't know if they are aware but they can earn commission on sales from loads of online retail places (many are high street shops) via

All they have to do it sign up as a charity member. Then get their supports to shop online via the giving machine. They get a commission (which costs nothing to the buyer) on every purchase made. The giving machine is a not for profit and I've met one of the founders, who is a really lovely guy who just wants to help others help others.
Chris Longmuir said…
Archie and Angel I'm glad you've escaped the clutches of the madwoman long enough to hijack the blog. I hope you get loads of sossidges in your stockings on Christmas day and if you don't just let me know and I'll put in a complaint to the madwoman as well as Santa.

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