Still addicted: N M Browne

I have a lot to do. I mean I have a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm. We are moving flats tomorrow and instead of packing I just
read a novel. Please don’t judge me. It is my vice, that is both addiction and coping method. Like some kind of biblioholic, I read when I’m happy, I read   when I am sad, I read when I’m anxious and I read when I have so much to do that the only way to deal with it is with a lage dose of fantasy. Preferably in another world or a version of this one which has nothing to do with the reality of packing boxes, papers, shoes and glassware to be individually wrapped in paper. 
 Juliet Mckenna’s new book, ‘The Green Man’s Heir’  published by Wizard’s Tower Press is perfect anxiety busting escapism somewhere between urban fantasy of the Jim Butcher variety and Charles de Lint’s more mythical approach. It’s good to see such publishers republishing great books that were never made digitally available and have gone out of print and of course, publishing new books by well known authors like Juliet. 
  It is an exciting time to be a reader, even if it is a somewhat trickier proposition to be an author. I love the fact that I can see a book reviewed and be reading it on my kindle moment later. Of course, like all addicts, I need to be careful. Sometimes, as a heavy book user, I do wonder if I need some kind of safety feature to stop me using all my PLR money on my out of control habit, but for today I am just grateful that my escapist urges could be so quickly and satisfactorarily dealt with. 
 So there we are: I saw, I downloaded, I read and now I will get on with the rest of my chores refreshed and re invigorated: compulsive reading is so much healthier than the alternatives - honestly. 


Umberto Tosi said…
Me too. Good luck with the move, when you get to it! Perhaps movers can move your sofa with you on it, reading a novel blissfully uninterrupted. That's how I would handle it were I not likely over the weight max. It would make quite a spectacle for the neighbors - very royal. Just a thought.

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