PUFFINS Lorraine Smith

In June 2019 I took a day trip to the The Isle of May which lies in the Firth of Forth, about 5 miles off the coast. The island was the site of St Adrians Priory during the Middle ages. Now it it a nature reserve and home to colonies of birds including; Puffins, Arctic Terns, Cormorants, Guilliemots, Shags, Razorbills and grey seal pups during the winter. It is a magical mix of seabirds, seals and smuggling. The adventure started with the ferry from Anstruther, 45 minutes later we arrived for our day on the Island.


I am new to photography and this was my first real outing with my DSLR camera. This little bird seemed to pose for the shot. Scooting off for fish and then appearing back on this rock . He seemed to enjoy having his photograph taken as we camera experts snapped his best side.

The next photograph shows how crowded the Island is with birds, seals, and other wildlife. No social distancing here. Artic Terns will swoop at you to protect their young. Seagulls try to take young pufflings and are swiftly seen off by the Puffins. There  is noise and movement all around and a never ending stream of images to capture.

The birds live in “cities” and can be seen in this crowded image.  There are two live cameras on the island which visitors can use to view the bird cities.

There are no residents in the island now,but you can see the old lighthouse and St Adrians Chapel and the buildings and cottages for the lighthouse keepers and their families. I can't help but envy anyone allowed to live here in the past. It is such a beautiful place, full of life and hope for the future. 

I think that’s what we need now after COVID 19.


Ruth Leigh said…
I loved this! What a great thing to read on a sunny Saturday morning. Your words and images made me want to hop straight on to a boat and sail over there to see for myself.
Lorraine Smith said…
Thank you , it is such a beautiful island well worth a visit and the only residents are people.
Eden Baylee said…
Hi Lorraine, they are such adorable looking creatures!

It would be great to see larger pictures of them. You can format each picture to a bigger size. Let me know if you'd like to do it and I can show you!

I'd love to see a bigger version. :D


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