'Writer's Life - Getting Real' by Wendy H. Jones


As I am merely one of the contributors to, rather than the owner of, this blog, I don't usually use my own image or that of my books as the main photo. I always think that would be rather presumptuous of me. However, I thought it was appropriate for this particular post and I am hoping the admins and you, as readers of this blog, will forgive me. There is a good reason for me using this today. Often, as authors, we only display a very public persona and what people know of us is what can be seen in the images we choose. These are most often chosen to show us in our best light. Of course, that makes sense as we want readers to invest in our books. From the image above you would see me as a confident prolific author, with numerous books to her name, across a range of age groups. I have also been published in, edited and compiled numerous anthologies which are not seen in the above image. Why are you telling me this, I hear you ask. The answer - you may think that words just flow from an author's brain, through the keyboard and onto the page neatly arranging themselves into dazzling sentences. If only that were the case. I thought I would give you a glimpse into the real life of an author.

Yesterday, I had plans for my day - chapters to write, course modules to develop, and new books to plan. Then, I got a phone call asking me to go and have blood taken. Don't worry there's nothing wrong, these are routine and I have them taken every year. Quick trip to the surgery, back home and writing again. That's where I was wrong. Everything was delayed in the surgery and I sat in the waiting room for thirty minutes. Not too bad you would think and in the normal scheme of things, no. I had no sooner got home and sat down at my computer than Microsoft decided to update office. It was started before I could say no. Oh well, a cup of coffee and I can come back to it. Not on your Nelly. Microsoft updates were on a go slow and kept saying update failed, trying again, with a lovely yellow triangle next to it. Of course, I needed Office to develop the course modules and write the chapters. To cut a long story short, four zoom meetings later it was 10pm and although Microsoft was displaying a cheerful sign saying all products up to date, my miserable brain was displaying a sign in neon lights saying, you're having a laugh.

That was yesterday. Today had to be better - surely. You'd think so, but no. After a dreadful night's sleep I was up at the crack of dawn and sitting at my computer ready to write. Except my brain was still in bed, snoring it's head off in a different room. As a result, I have done some writing today but every word has been dragged out kicking and screaming. Effortless and flowing it was not. Today's writing was brought to you by coffee - copious amounts of coffee. 

Today's writing was also brought to you by hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. But write I did and I am proud of every word. Despite wanting a day off, I was at my computer and I was writing. Why? because writing is the most glorious job in the world. I write because I want to. I write because I have to. Because there are stories to be told and books to bring out. Books that readers enjoy and that is why I write. Oh, and if you are wondering what happened to those course modules - they got completed today as well. My brain might have been asleep but my day was still productive.

So, spare a thought for writer's everywhere whose fingers may be flying over the keyboard, or who may be typing each word laboriously but are still thinking of you, the readers. 

I will finish by saying, tomorrow is another day. I am hoping everything will be back to normal and my words will once again dance on to the page. What of you? I’m curious as to how your writing is going? Please let me know in the comments - and remember there’s no shame in getting real. 

About the Author 

Wendy H. Jones is an award-winning, international best-selling author who writes adult crime books, young adult mysteries, children's picture books and non-fiction books for writers. She is also a writing and marketing coach, runs the Writing Matters Online School and is the CEO of Authorpreneur Accelerator Academy, The president of the Scottish Association of Writers and hosts The Writing and Marketing Show podcast. 


Thank you, I love this! It's easy to be hard on ourselves when our writing isn't going the way we feel it should! I have struggled this week. Once I type the chapter number I'm fine. It's the making space and time...
Ruth Leigh said…
"Why? because writing is the most glorious job in the world. I write because I want to. I write because I have to. Because there are stories to be told and books to bring out. Books that readers enjoy and that is why I write." Wendy, I want to cheer when I read these words. One of the reasons you're so inspirational is that you're authentic. We all have days like that and we usually want them to be over as quickly as possible. Making a blog out of them is so encouraging. I wrote a long overdue bit of work last week and it was like pulling teeth. I hated it. But I sent it off and the client liked it. Who knew? As you say, we write because we want to and we have to! Wishing you a day full of inspiration, good coffee and sunshine today.
Wendy H. Jones said…
Maressa, sometimes we need to get real. I hope your writing picks up and you get lots done.
Wendy H. Jones said…
Ruth, I'm glad you found the blog inspiring, that was what I hope for. Right back at ya re the writing. More power to your pen.
Kirsten Bett said…
Haha Wendy! You are a star, turning your miserable day into a great blog. I would love to tell you I write from 9-5 and then some but I don't... I have a day job of 24-32 hours a week and I struggle a bit. But I try to schedule time in each day. As soon as I am writing I am off, it's just getting behind my desk... A work of progress... Thanks again for your inspiration.
Wendy H. Jones said…
I’m impressed, Kirsten. A full time job and writing can be tough but you are doing it. Well done.
Eden Baylee said…
Great reality check, Wendy.

Somedays all I can do is sit and daydream and/or read. It's all part of the writing process but it doesn't increase my word count. This can be frustrating. It's taken a long time for me to learn not to be too hard on myself.

Of course, the labour of writing involves much more than just words on a page. It's the thought process that goes into it, and for most women, the arrangement of all the other tasks that must be done as well in a household. I don't have kids or a day job. For women who must manage all this as well ... I am in awe.

Thank you for that, I'm glad I am not alone. Like you I find that some days the words flow like water down hill and many others like pushing water up hill. By the time I had completed 'In Treacherous Waters' about 120K words I had probably written 200k words having rejected 80K. I always start the day reading what I had put on the page the previous day, one to pick up the flow and two to see if it was any good. Chopping things at that point is better than leaving it to later.

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