A Great Disruption for Writers by Andrew Crofts


Gotham Ghostwriters, the leading ghostwriting agency in New York, is setting up Gotham Publishing Solutions, in partnership with publishing expert, Mike Shatzkin, who has been writing recently about “The Next Great Disruption” in the publishing world.

Following the disruptions caused by Amazon, and then by the rise of self-publishing, the next disruption that Shatzkin is predicting is an explosion of “enterprise self-publishing”, where companies and business leaders of every type make use of providers of custom publishing and editorial services, like Gotham Publishing Solutions, to produce books which will enhance their reputations and promote their businesses.

It is a message that I have been trying to get across to potential clients for many years, but it has become much more viable recently, now that there is no requirement to convince a traditional publisher to help with the process.

It can be a very satisfying way to write. You don’t have to worry about getting into any bestsellers lists because the books need only very defined potential readerships in order to be effective and fulfil their purpose, and the clients tend to be enormously grateful not to have to write anything themselves.

For those of us who are experienced in writing full-length manuscripts, the growth of this sector could actually lead to a potential rise in our general market value, which would, indeed, be a great disruption.



Interesting! I've never been a ghost, but there's a first time for everything... :-)
Kirsten Bett said…
Disruption in itself is a great word, I think. Interesting development in the spiritual world of writing.

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