Wilma's live by Kirsten Bett

Completed projects often leave me with an enormous void. With writing books, I have found out, it is different. 

This time, no dark black hole... I was saved by the M-word. Yep, marketing. I had already started on social media. Now I am working on my prequel to give away as a present when people subscribe to my newsletter. What are your thoughts on that?

I like doing the prequel because the questions in the book are things I have often asked myself. How did Wilma land on the tulip fields? How did she survive. I mean she weighed 99 grams when we found her, that is not an awful lot. Or, maybe she was a wild cat and we took her in... I love this part of writing, the 'what if stage'.

But then I wake up and realise I need to sign up to mailerlite (tick); transfer my website to another platform - preferably one that is easy to work (tick and loving it, just need to create about 500 thumbnails for the images); get a customised email address (tick), and another day has gone by without working on Wilma's prequel.

For now, I am proud of myself for getting this far even. And like my partner Wim says, Wilma is not a bottle of milk, she'll keep. Here's the link to an Amazon near you, if you'd like to read My name is Wilma. If you do read it, I would be very grateful if you left a review.


Umberto Tosi said…
Congratulations on completing your project. Best of luck with the marketing and the prequel you wisely tackled so promptly. I just began the third in my series of Hollywood noir Frank Ritz private eye mysteries. Momentum isn't everything, but almost!

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