To launch or not to launch?

Yesterday, my new novel was released. Hooray to me! As I’m sure you’d agree, the process of writing to editing and publishing can be a difficult journey, with twists and turns and ups and downs. 

My journey has been one of those. My personal life has been marred with many challenges and the distraction of this new novel has been welcome. It’s a nice thing to worry about a book when it helps you not worry about life so much. 

I almost got away with book publishing lala land until a close friend asked me the dreaded question “when is your book launch” …… 

To be honest, I had not thought much about it. My first and last book launch was 2 years ago and even then I thought it would be my last one. I carried that thought in my mind until I was asked the when question. 

“Does every book need to be launched” I responded defensively and somewhat defiantly. The memories of the stress I endured 2 years ago danced slowly in my already tired brain. Life is stressful enough, planning a launch party? No I just didn’t want the added pressure, besides, what difference does it actually make? 

My friend, incredibly disappointed started a long speech as she likened my reluctance to do a book launch for my second novel to not naming and celebrating a second child…. Who does that she asked. Firstly, they are not the same things so not a fair comparison, yet I could sense her logic. 

I took some time to ponder then responded with a variety of questions, do book launches have any impact on the success of a book? What is the significance really? Does it make much of a difference to the sales of the book? As I rattled through my thoughts and questions, trying to defend my position. She listened quietly after which she then responded. “Celebrate every win. Not for them, not even for sales, but for you. Be proud of what you have accomplished…..” many more words spoken with wisdom were shared. 

In the end, I decided that she was right, how dare I not name my second child? So I decided to have a book launch, not for them, not for the sales, not even for the book awareness, but for me. To take a moment to look at what I’ve created, spend some time (virtually and in person) with people who love and support me, give myself a pat on the back and say “Girl, besides the odds you’ve done good. Well done you.”

So if you are ever in a place where you’re sitting on the fence and wondering to launch or not …. Remember this - it’s about you. Celebrate every win. Have a naming ceremony for every child. Every book is special, make it special! 

 Mum of 3, wife of 1.


Dora William said… towers high amongst review providers. I was super impressed with the review of my poetry collection by Jordana Landsman. The review was poetic and makes for great reading, and the reviewer was a great fit for the genre. I will knock on your door to review some of my other titles very soon. Highly rated!
Peter Leyland said…
Always good to have a book launch Amanda and it will give you a much needed boost and show that your book is out there. I did one in Consett ages ago absolutely miles from where I live but it was memorable.

Magazines like 'Writing' can help with the next step as you may already know. I found getting reviews to be difficult so family and friends were my first port of call. At least they will say nice things!

As for Bathsheba does that relate to Thomas Hardy or King David, or maybe neither? Tell all
Amanda Bedzrah said…
Hi Peter, thanks so much for your comment. This novel relates to King David and her interesting journey towards becoming his queen. I use the word interesting loosely. It is bitter sweet love story told from her point of view.

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