Watering the Garden. Lorraine Smith

It’s the anticipation after planting. The ground looks just the same . It all seems just to easy. Sow, rake and water it says on the box. Not a thing about the agonising wait for something, anything to happen. I’m watering daily in the hope that I can have a display like the picture on the box. After all ,wildflowers grow with no cultivation, no one watering them daily and worrying about too much sun.
Books are a bit like that. Watering the idea, something sprouts up but dies back down then another idea peeks through.. It’s the daily trying, putting pen to paper,watering the idea. I’m hoping for both. A floral display and my book to germinate and blossom.


Susan Price said…
I know where you're coming from, Lorraine. My front lawn is now a little wilderness of ox-eye daisies, buttercups, teasel and giant thistles. -- Undoubtedly full of flowers but nothing like what I expected.
And every book I've ever written has been much the same: growing like mad or withering away, weeds where I wanted flowers and flowers where I wanted veg.
Good luck with the book and the garden!

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