Back to library events! -- Joy Kluver

Before the Covid pandemic, I was organising author events at my local library along with the Friends group. We went online for a few sessions during lockdown but then it fizzled out. However, we're now back and on Thursday 20th October at 7.30pm, I'll be chatting to David Young and Amanda Lees about their new WW2 books.

I'm excited but also daunted for a few reasons:

What if no one comes? I haven't been to check on the sign-up yet so no idea on current numbers. 

What if I've forgotten how to ask relevant questions? I have done a few online panels over the last couple of years but there's something about in-person events that make my throat dry up and incoherent words babble out of my mouth. 

What if I can't get authors to come? This seems less of a problem. Authors seem very keen to meet with readers again and libraries are ideal places to do that. 

Lastly, and most importantly, can I still remember how to make cookies? My triple choc cookies (Lorraine Pascal recipe) have become synonymous with book events. It's generally how I persuade authors to come in the first place.

So, I'm nervous. If you'd like to come to West Barnes Library (next to Motspur Park station) on Thursday 20th October to hear David and Amanda, then please let me know! 

(£2 cash entry on night. Email or call 020 8274 5789 to book your place, giving name and contact details. Or contact me.)


Peter Leyland said…
What if no-one comes? That was always the question on my lips when I taught my book courses, Joy, but usually they did. Even when my local library cancelled the launch of my book on crime fiction because they thought no-one would come, I managed to get a pub to fill in at the last minute and people came!

I do hope you get people to turn up. Too far for me I'm afraid, but I agree that there is nothing more important than readers meeting writers and those cookies sound great. Good luck
Joy Kluver said…
I've only just seen your comment! Thank you Peter!

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