Nearly forgot. Spirit of the Place cover (Anastasia Sichkerenko)

Before I forget

I meant to put this terrific cover, the work of the wonderful Anastasia Sichkarenko, into my main blog below but, writing it late at night as usual, forgot.  Anyway, here it is.  Anastasia said that what stuck most in her mind about Spirit of the Place were the words, so she used them, superimposed over the woman's face, as her interpretation of the book's meaning.

The words are from the poems of Nicholas Fowler, poet, philosopher, scientist, inventor and landed gentleman, who lived in the eighteenth century at the family seat of Coswold.


Lee said…
A gorgeous cover!
Kathleen Jones said…
Amazing cover Dennis. Very eye-catching. Interesting post too, on the genesis of the e-version of the book.
Very impressed by the harping! Look forward to the Lays of Joslin de Lay!
Dan Holloway said…
Dennis, this is stunning!

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