Kobo Vs Kindle - By Susan Jane Smith B.Sc.

Susan Jane Smith B.Sc

          When is a Kindle not a Kindle?  When it’s surpassed by a Kobo I’d say.  I’ve been a electric author for a couple of years now and publishing e-books via Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon.  I have always loved my Kindle.  I think I could love a Kindle Fire even more!
          Yet, I’ve been seduced by a Kobo Mini.  It was a decent price I thought and so small that I felt I could justify having it to keep in my handbag.  When I walked past a W H Smith it was in the window gleaming up at me.  Beckoned, I went in and simply could not resist it. 
          My husband was not impressed as he could see no reason for a second e-book reader.  My excuse to him and myself is that I have recently paid Matt Horner at ebookpartnership to turn two of my books into epub format and distribute to Gardners Books Ltd. in the UK and Ingrams for the USA.  That means that I am hoping W H Smith, Waterstones, Foyles, Tesco and a further 70 book retailers will approve my e-books and place them in their online bookstores.  My paperback versions of these two are already in some retailers online bookshops because they would have been picked up via the Nielsen Database.

     To turn to a much sadder topic - Jimmy Saville and others are making headlines for child abuse. If, as a result, you should come to know someone who was abused as a child, then my book, "Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth" can help people overcome physical, emotional and sexual abuse issues. Please do share information about this book.

          Personally, I am frustrated that a woman has not been appointed to investigate these cases of potential abuse as I believe a hurt child (even though now an adult), of either sex, is more likely to disclose abuse to a female.
          It was men who took pleasure from their pain and who used masculine power to abuse so why would anyone want to trust disclosing to yet another man?
          Do you have the ability to get Theresa May or David Cameron to listen to this?
          Abuse is about power, control, domination, and humiliation of the victim and when perpetrated by men of influence the betrayal of trust is the worst of the long-term negative effects.

      If you know anyone planning to get engaged this Christmas do give them a copy of this book:
Pre-Marital MOT: A Relationship Inspection.”
       It is based on over 20 years of listening to individuals and couples explore their relationships.  Reading it could set a newly married couple on the high road to their Golden Wedding!

          Do check out my books on KOBO as well as on Kindles this Christmas. 



CallyPhillips said…
Hi Susan, glad to hear someone else finally praising Kobo. I use Kindle on PC but have had a Kobo Touch ereader for the last year. And as a publisher the ability to deal with all platforms is important so I'm all for more and more people waking up to the fact that Amazon is not the only product or indeed place to buy ebooks. Though I have to say that I've found direct publishing through Amazon to be a lot better than relying on distributors. That may be changing as people wake up to the possiblities.

Turning to your second part - sadly, in order to get publicity for child abuse I had to go with Kindle Select because however much promotion I tried to do for Kirsty Eccles' The Price of Fame (a fictional take on a very real child abuse scenario) I had to be able to offer it free - it still shocks me that people aren't willing to pay less than the price of a cup of coffee for something which is so important. Or that people find it so difficult to cross promote on such important issues. People will happily give money to Children in Need but ask them to READ and then THINK and TALK about the actual topic of Child Abuse and there is a big silence like hole. Which may well be part of the reason why child abuse remains so endemic in our society!

The link to The Price of Fame is below for Amazon

There's another story on McStorytellers by Kirsty on Child Abuse http://bit.ly/TueeV8 and more can be found either by looking at the guerrillamidgie website (google) or even finding Kirsty on Facebook. I'm not sure what else one has to do to raise awareness but I'd surely appreciate anyone else doing what they can to promote this!

Being happily married (second time round) I'm not commenting on the third part of your blog. But 2 out of 3 ain't bad?

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