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Computer's switched on.
Right, that's the technical bit sorted.
Now, who are we going to embarrass this week?
 I first started writing a blog in order to learn about the technicalities of doing blog posts - you know, how to insert pictures and make the words stick to the screen in more or less the right order and places. I'd been invited to join a group blog, you see (this one, actually) and didn't want to look too much like a total techno-numpty when it was my turn to produce something.
A wippitty blog
The practice blog was called A Tale of Two Wippitts and the first post took me ages to write. It was all about wippitty predilections for vole au vents I seem to remember. And then it took ages to work out how to upload pictures and position them ... never mind going on to conquer stuffing in links and stuff like that.
Unless you are a newbie at blogging, you are probably rolling your eyes at this point. But it was all new - and quite exciting - ground for me at the time. Nowadays, just like you, I'm quite blasé about it. I've even started another blog called Dog-friendly gardening, both to help publicise my book of the same name and to enable me to include all those snippets that simply wouldn't fit into the book, not to mention providing yet another opportunity for me to witter on about my beloved whippets.

But the first, original blog, which I'd intended to discontinue once I'd got the hang of it, refused to lie down and gracefully fade away into the background: it unexpectedly developed a life of its own. I'd brought it into existence, given it a voice of its own and a few pet typos, and now it wanted to hang around. I found that I didn't have the heart to pull the plug on it. And so, dear reader, I not only went along with it, but donated it to my dogs. I stopped pretending to be putting words into my whippets mouths and just let them dictate to me instead. (Well, obviously, as it's pretty damn difficult typing with paws. I let them try once and it was not only unreadable, but the tapdance across the keyboard didn't do it much good either.) It's quite refreshing, since whereas I have to be reasonably polite, they are horribly irreverent about everyone and everything, including me (which strikes me as a little ungrateful at times, but at least they're honest). But sometimes I do wonder if this thing is getting out of hand ... Archie and Angel now also have their own Facebook page.
Next thing you know, they'll want to write a book and then I'll never, ever get any work done myself ...

A Tale of Two Wippitts .... HERE

or if you prefer FB ...
Archie and Angel's FB page HERE


Wendy H. Jones said…
I'm glad to see you know your place with the whippets. Great blog as always, and your right, old blog's do refuse to go gracefully
Lynne Garner said…
I've found dogs don't have to be able to talk to tell you exactly what they want. Yesterday him-in-doors was about to take Tasha out when she decided I was going to join them. So up the stairs she can and stared at me and I made the mistake of turning around. I did tell her to go back downstairs but I was ignored then found my elbow being nudged. Finding it difficult to type with my elbow being nudged (quite hard) we went out for a family walk.

Also does it matter who you're writing for? As long as you're writing. If the street cat named Bob can not only get a book published but also star in a film about himself then why not the whippets.
glitter noir said…
You've captured the fun and frustration of mastering the magic of blogging: uploading photos and adding live links, etc. I still remember the horror of first seeing my blog post in HOTML!
Lydia Bennet said…
Your enthusiasm for wippits and particularly A & A is always heartwarming Karen, perhaps you'll blog as yourself one day about how this passion came to be and how Archie and Angel arrived to take over your life and writing and blogs and probably, your food supplies.
Umberto Tosi said…
What a delightful post! Blogs with dogs - always wins the day. I used to blog with my pair of irascible terrier, who have now, alas, gone to their rewards. Beautiful whippets. Thanks for the memories.

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