New Year, New Me? by Debbie Bennett

I hate New Year resolutions. It always seems to me that you’re setting yourself up to fail. And why January? After the excesses of Christmas, it’s always kind of nice to clear everything away and start with a clean and uncluttered approach to life.

So what am I going to do this year? For some reason, I seem to put a new book out roughly every 12 months and usually towards the end of the year. I then spend a month or so in a panic, wondering if the muse will ever return from her Christmas/New Year break, but she generally comes back in the spring, refreshed and ready to perch on my shoulder again. I hope. I’m already starting to twitch, but I have faith in her return, though what she will bring with her in the form of inspiration, I have no idea right now …

This year I need to be more creative in other ways. I’m hopeful I’ve got my stalled audio projects up and running again, thanks to talented narrator Chris Barnes, although I don’t think he’s  read the book all the way through, so he may yet change his mind! He’s also doing a short story for me, as part of the indiegogo project I’ve just bought into.

I intend to review more books too. I don’t review online very often. This is for a variety of reasons, not least the fact that I don’t want to spend ages crafting a review only to have Amazon remove it because the powers-that-be think I’m “biased” if I happen to know the author. And I know a lot of authors – both traditional and indie. The other reason I don’t review is because I don’t feel able to be honest. I’m me online – I don’t hide behind pseudonyms or other identities – and there are books I read that have legions of devoted fans. I don’t want to become public enemy number one by – horrors – daring to criticise their favourite author! I’ve seen too many good authors trashed for less, their books heaped with 1* reviews by hurt fans …

But my own sales/review rate is way less than 1%, and I often really wish the people that tell me they love (or even hate) my books would say so online, so perhaps I ought to practise what I preach?

Here’s a thought to leave you with: Apparently (according to the Daily Express), the “image” of 2015 was the delectable Aidan Turner indulging in a bit of semi-naked scything; this was closely followed – upstaged, maybe – by the iconic towel scene in And Then There Were None over Christmas. Click the link and I guarantee the New Year blues will be instantly banished!


Susan Price said…
I hope the Muse has already returned, Debbie! - Good luck with 2016.

And yes, that towel rather stole 'And Then There Were None', didn't it? You couldn't look away. Kept thinking, what's holding it up? Has wardrobe stitched velcro into it? Or devised something with hooks and eyes?
Mari Biella said…
Good luck with 2016, Debbie. These days, I generally don't review anything if I didn't at least slightly enjoy it - apart from anything, if I'm really not getting into a book, I probably won't finish it. That also has the advantage of keeping me safe from the 'superfans'!
Bill Kirton said…
Just a wee point, Debbie: for those of us whose abdominal walls have no concave bits, directing us to those Aidan Turner images was cruel.
Lydia Bennet said…
Double sided tape, probably! I'm sure your muse is on the case Debbie, interesting that you are so keen for her to kick in each year - do you never fancy a year off? Reviewing is a problem for various reasons, one of them being finding the time to read the books.
Kathleen Jones said…
Good luck with the Muse in 2016, Debbie!
glitter noir said…
The Muse will surely return. She's simply awaiting your faithfully awaiting her.
Yes - my Poldark pin has had about a hundred shares so far this year. And Then There Were None clearly sent people in search of other images of the divine Aidan. My New Year Resolution (more of a stern instruction to myself) is to make more money. One way or another.

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