We're back! - Karen Bush

Yes, we're back - bigger, better, bolder than ever before!

Well, all right, so we haven't actually been away, but whipping up a bit of frenzied hype is de rigeur for publicists, surely?
Well alright, so maybe we don't need frenzied hype either ...
Let's start again.

They said it couldn't be done but we proved them wrong!


Right, here goes, more sensibly ...
You may remember that last year we put together an anthology, called
No? Well we'll just patiently wait here while you go order it up from Amazon. Here are the links:
Got it? Good.
No, you don't need to start reading it right now, you can do that after you've finished reading this blog.
Because we've only gone and done it again ... Another Flash in the Pen contains yet another superlative line-up of stories from Authors Electric, and until the end of this month you can buy a copy for the bargain price of 99p/99c. 

Another Flash In The Pen

After that the price will increase, along with that of A Flash in the Pen, to the (still excellent value) price of £4.99. 
Don't miss out on this offer - Another Flash in the Pen has its official publication date on Midsummer Day (21 June) but is available NOW for pre-order. 
Oh, and did I say that it will also be available in paperback?
A little more expensive at GBP£8.50, US$12.25 or e10.75,
but with 307 well-stuffed pages, still pretty good value!

Another Flash in the Pen (UK)
Another Flash in the Pen (US)


Wendy H. Jones said…
Well done Karen. I'm loving the cover. Bold in the extreme just like Authors Electric authors
Chris Longmuir said…
Looking good, Karen. I posted it to my FB timeline but strangely it didn't appear on the Home timeline in FB. When I go to my posts it's there, but it's not appearing in the general posts, sorry. FB is up to its filtering tricks again!
Chris Longmuir said…
Should have said you might want to hop onto my timeline and share it. There's a remote chance it might hit the general posts if enough people do that.
madwippitt said…
Thank you ... always exciting when you finally get to hold a new baby in your hands ...:-) And thank you all you Authors Electric for donating your marvellous tales! Next year considering opening it up to our gust bloggers as well - what do you all think?
madwippitt said…
pffft ... GUEST bloggers, not windy ones! Although they are welcome too ...
Bill Kirton said…
Great job, Karen. Thank you.
Lydia Bennet said…
Thanks for all your efforts Karen!
Dennis Hamley said…
The cover is brilliant, Karen. What a fantastic job you've done for us, yet again.
Unknown said…
Really like the cover, the yellow is very eye-catching. Shared it to my author page when it was first released for pre-order.

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