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For the last few months I feel that all I've done is send random ideas and suggestions to the wonderful cover designer I have the pleasure in working with.

You see at the moment we're working on our fourth and fifth cover designs. Thankfully the cover for my latest title 'Fox of Moon Meadow Farm' (a follow on from Hedgehog of Moon Meadow Farm) has reached a stage where we've agreed on the final design and she can start to add colour and make her fab design come to life.
First sketch of my latest character Fox of Moon Meadow Farm

Whilst she's been working on this cover I decided (in my wisdom) my first collection of short stories (Anansi The Trickster Spider - published 2014) needed a revamp. We've agreed on something totally different, something modern. So, off I went looking for ideas. I sort of remembered I had some books that would help but couldn't find them. I assumed that during my last book purge I'd given them to charity, so was kicking myself. Just two days later my niece told me she'd also had a book purge and found six titles I'd lent her during her time at university. Thankfully the books I'd been looking for were in the pile she returned. So, a few ideas were gleaned from these.

It's amazing what books I've got tucked away.

I then spent time searching the Internet. I already had an idea or two because years ago I'd written an African craft book aimed at people who had or who worked with kids. During my research for this book I came across Adinkra symbols, one of which is Anansi the spider, so I went in search of that. Typically, I found many other 'shiny' things that distracted me. So, in order not to forget some of the great design ideas I found I decided to create a new board in my Pinterest account.    

Just a few of the images I've added to my latest Pinterest board.

All this research has been emailed to the cover designer and I eagerly wait to see what she's able to do with my very random thoughts. With fingers crossed by the time it comes to next months blog post  I'll be able to share the completed design for Fox and Moon Meadow Farm and share the first few design ideas for the revamped Anansi cover.

Written by one slightly excited author.  


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