Shocked and Awed! by Jan Edwards

Just back from Cyprus so a very short blog from me this month, but returned to  the fabulous news that Winter Downs has won the Arnold Bennett Book prize!
Shocked and awed!  I suspect there is no easy way to graciously accept any award because if other people are anything like me they don’t dare think about the possibility that they might actually be in the running. 
I was not able to accept the award in person as Peter and I were on holiday in Cyprus – but I was asked if somebody could be there on my behalf ‘just in  case’ and the wonderful Misha Herwin stepped up for me.
Setting Winter Downs in the year 1940 has meant a huge amount of research but also a huge amount of fun, and I hope people gain as much enjoyment in reading this book it as I did in writing.
Winning this prize has set something of a precedent for my sleuth Bunch Courtney and Inspector Wilbur Wright! It will make the writing of the second, In her Defence, that much harder, but I am sure they are both up to the task. I shall do my very best to live up to those standards on their behalf.

Full details HERE


Susan Price said…
Great news -- congratulations!
Umberto Tosi said…
Congratulations, Jane!
Well done - that's brilliant!
Well done you...Congratulations!
Sandra Horn said…
Fantastic news! Congratulations!

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