The Moment of Maximum Anticipation and Optimism - Andrew Crofts

By the time I write my next Authors Electric blog my latest novel “What Lies Around Us” will be out, so at the time of writing I am watching as the publisher, (Red Door) and PR company, (Emma Finnigan), build up a head of steam.

The book has started to exist in the on-line world. If you google the title it comes up for sale in any number of different outlets, even though it is not out officially until June 13th.

The cover art pops up at the click of a button and advance copies have gone out to book bloggers, reviewers and all the rest.

What Lies Around Us by Andrew Crofts
What Lies Around Us by Andrew Crofts
Early reviews have started to appear on Goodreads already, so I am able to start extracting the juiciest phrases for the website, (and below) - and for future use on paperbacks etc.

I love this moment in the process when anticipation and optimism are high, before the backlash arrives.

Comments on Goodreads

“The ultimate summer thriller”

“Insights into the publishing industry and its bitter truths”

“So terrifying”

“Very funny and witty”

“Aching to find out what happens next”

“Strong and intriguing”

“Fast pacing”

“Poignant narration”

“Easy read to breeze through”

“Humorous at first and dark and deep later on”

“Such a pleasant surprise”

“The sense of wonder we all get from life”

“About the future of democracy, honesty, the impact of race, the power of family, and fame”

“The writing was so good”

“The idea that politics, tech and celebrity are connected is represented fantastically”

“I think many people could enjoy it.”


Enid Richemont said…
Will Google, Andrew. Sounds intriguing.
Umberto Tosi said…
Congratulations and best of luck with the launch! I look forward to reading "What Lies Around Us" - sounds like a gripping thriller!
Andrew Lownie said…
Congratulations on the new novel.

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