The Truth about Launching a Book -- Misha Herwin

Yesterday I launched the second book in the series “The Adventures of Letty Parker.” It’s a MG book, aimed at the 8-12 market, though as one reviewer, Kerry Parsons from www.chataboutbooks said “it will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I think it would sound great read aloud and enjoyed by the whole family.”
There were more reviews, loads of comments on FB and Twitter and I felt much supported by friends, fellow writers and book-bloggers.
All in all a very positive experience, but one which left me totally exhausted. Switching off the computer, pouring a glass of wine I wondered why I was so tired. What I’d been doing was enjoyable. I love interacting with people on social media and it was great to be able to thanking friends for their comments and likes. After all, I hadn’t done any hard physical work. I’d sat at my desk most of day, fuelled by cups of coffee and glasses of water –I’d made sure I wasn’t dehydrated, so I should have been fine.
Talking to other writers, I found I wasn’t alone in my reaction to launching a new book and I came to the conclusion that, however enjoyable the experience is one level, it is akin to being on stage and performing for hours on end.
There is also the lead up, week, or weeks, where blogposts are being set up, requests for reviews sent out and tweets twittered to keep the forthcoming book out there in people’s mind.
And beneath it all is the sneaking fear that none of this will work. That no one will notice, let alone like your new book. That it will sink into obscurity and the months, possibly even years, of writing, editing, re-writing and re-editing will come to nothing.
It’s the fear of rejection that is so draining. The fear of stepping out there on that stage and being booed off, or simply ignored. Of having made the mistake of daring to think you’re a writer, when you so obviously aren’t.
And then suddenly, it’s all over. “Bridge of Lies” is out there. No point in worrying, time to enjoy the short moments of freedom before getting on with book 3.


Julia jones said…
Know how you feel & best of luck to the book -- and to theseries
I think it's because you've finally let your book out into the wild, and all the creative energy that went into the writing goes with it? And that's before doing any kind of publicity, which is a whole different game! Congratulations on your launch.
janedwards said…
Its always a fraught thing to let your babies loose in the world!

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