What’s on your Christmas list? – Chris Longmuir

          There is one problem in living alone – you might hang your stocking up on Chrismas Eve, but all you’ll get in it is your foot in the morning. Things were different before my husband departed for the next life. He always filled a stocking for me. Well, it was actually a pillowcase, then when his health deteriorated, it was the plastic bag containing his purchases. But that didn’t matter. It was the thrill of investigating the bag, pillowcase or stocking. He would always put my favourite perfume in it, some lovely choccies, and of course a few books, because what is Christmas without some new books?

          Books have always been prominent among Santa’s presents to me. When I was a child there was always an apple, an orange, a two shilling piece (twentypence for the uninitiated), and of course, a book. Times were tough then, and Christmas stockings not as full as they are nowadays. Needless to say, once I realised there was no – shock, horror – Santa Claus, an in depth search of the house always revealed the hiding place, and the book was always read – cover to cover – before Santa made it down the chimney.

          Nowadays I have another love as well as books. I love tech, all kinds of tech. I have computers, the must have iPhone, as well as its companion, the must have iPad, and of course ereaders. I was first in the queue when the Sony eReader was introduced into the UK. I still have it, although don’t use it as much as the latest versions of ereaders, mainly because it is more awkward to download books into it. The books have to be downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions, because they are DRM protected therefore have to be decoded by ADE. If ADE lose your login details you’ve lost your books. I know because this happened to me. Where my account went no one knows, so I’m only glad I’d read all the books. I do hope the later versions of this ereader are not so unwieldy when it comes to downloads.

          Well, when the Kindle hit the UK shores, I did resist for a while, but remember that empty stocking on Christmas day, well I decided to buy myself a Christmas present so Santa would have something to put in it, and so I got my first Kindle – a 3G plus wi fi, keyboard Kindle. Still got it and still use it. But then this year I got myself a Kindle Touch ( I use that one too), and it wasn’t even Christmas. But Christmas is coming and I’ve already bought my Christmas present to myself, and yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s a Kindle Fire. It’s a bit like an iPad, with more of a concentration on books, and it’s marvellous, but I think I’ve used it mainly for apps and music, although all my books are there, winking at me and saying, come on read me. It’s great to see the book covers in all their glory as well, instead of the sepia tinted images on the other Kindles.

          So what is there left for Santa to bring me on Christmas morning, well, it just has to be books. What would Christmas be without some lovely new books?

Oh, I nearly forgot, if you’re thinking of some new books for Christmas, I’d love it if you read some of mine.

Happy Christmas when it comes and I do hope Santa is good to you.

Chris Longmuir


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madwippitt said…
You are so right - it wouldn't be Christmas without a book present. It used to be a Pratchett, but these days they appear in October and I can't wait that long to read them! When my partner died, the first Christmas after I treated myself to a present on his behalf of a deluxe edition of Lord of the Rings to replace my falling-apart one.
I shall certainly add yours to my Christmas reading list - I've been waiting for a breather in the work schedule to read Salt Splashed Cradle!
Happy Christmas and happy reading!
Lee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lee said…
I'd love to ask for a new twenty-year-old body. Forty? Man, at this point I'd even settle for fifty.

Failing that, it's also books. I still haven't decided whether a Kindle is worth it. Tablets are more my thing - their flexibility. (Though come to think of it, there's a robotic vacuum cleaner I've been keeping my eye on...)
Sheryl Browne said…
Awww, Happy Christmas to you, Chris! Happy reading, too! :) xx
Chris Longmuir said…
Thanks everybody, and Lee, I'm on my second robotic vacuum cleaner, wouldn't do without it. Now, where can I get a robotic duster?
AliB said…
Hi Chris - you're making me think of all those techie things I really don't need. But then Xmas isn't for what you *need* is it? ;)
the only other thing on my list is a dressing gown - that's because our ensuite shower has packed up and I'm going to have to go walkies down the landing in the morning for a while :(
Ali B
Kit Domino said…
I'd settle for just the stocking, well, a pair of them, that is, all thin, silky, smooth and not the support sort I have to wear now. Long, leggy stockings, to grace long leggy legs in high heels - as as I used wear. Oh well, those were the days. Suppose it's bedsocks, cocoa and a good book or two again this year.
Have a happy Christmas!
Oh, I'd settle for a week off - no deadlines, no Email no Internet ... and a stack of books of course. I already have the stack ready and waiting to read, just don't have the time!! Have a great Christmas Chris!
Lee said…
Chris, I'm really keen to hear about your experiences with the vacuum cleaner, since hoovering makes me feel all too robotic! Email me if you'd prefer not to comment here.

Happy Christmas!
Janice said…
Happy Christmas Chris - and I'm envious of your 'Fire'. I'm looking forward to Christmas morning to teel what will be in my stocking!

Janice xx
Chris Longmuir said…
Lee, my first one a Roomba died a death after about 2 years. It was one of the cheaper models but it did a good job during its lifespan. The one I have now is a Karcher. It can schedule for a 3 hour, 6 hour, 9 hour, or a never ending clean. I stick to 3 hours that's enough cleaning for anyone. The Karcher was 5 times more expensive than the Roomba I had, but it has its own docking station and empties itself (bliss. The bag inside the docking station only needs replaced 3 times a year because once the muck goes in it's impacted to less than the size of a postage stamp. I've lost count of how old it is but think it must be 5 years old by now, almost time to start school! If it dies, I'll definitely get another one, just haven't found the robotic duster yet!
Lee said…
Thanks, Chris. I may have to increase my translation load in the New Year, but it sounds as if it's worth it. And I'm with you 100% on the robotic duster idea - dusting being just about my least favourite household task, even beating ironing to this ranking. Some writers claim they get lots of good ideas when ironing; I don't believe them!
Melanie said…
I'd love a robotic vacuum and have ogled the Roomba in the stores. But I think a topple down the steps into my kitchen would do the poor thing in. I'm in line for a robotic duster. One of them would be fab!

In the meantime, I'll be happy with books (physical or ebooks) and the time to read.

Anonymous said…
I would love free babysitting. That way I could write as much as I wanted and still have my awesome kids well cared for. Alas, I am the babysitter!

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