President Trump's Memoir Could be a Truly Great Read - Andrew Crofts

There have been reports that President Trump has been threatening to write a tell-all book when his presidency is finally over. Every president does it, of course, and it would be surprising if Trump didn’t see it as a way to (a) make some easy money, (b) continue building his fame and (c) settle some scores with all those who have mocked him over the previous few years.

The ghostwriter who lands this particular commission will need the patience of Job as they try to untangle the fabrications of the last few years and get to anything resembling an insight into this particular heart of darkness.

If Trump were to give them a free hand, however, it could be a great read. It’s certainly the elevator pitch from heaven; “A family not unlike the Corleones manages to get control of the most powerful nation in the world”.

To be able to get even a glimpse from the family’s point of view could make it as gripping a read as the Great Gatsby. Ingredients like crime, wealth, sex and power seldom hurt a book’s chances of getting into the bestseller lists.

It will be a shame if the book ends up as stuffed with childish insults and empty bragging as the president’s Twitter feed, (and a nightmare for the editors at whichever publisher gets bullied into buying the result), but of course that is probably what will happen.

Maybe we will have to wait until Melania and Baron are ready to tell their sides of the story before we get to experience the full horror from the inside of this extraordinary tale.

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Jan Needle said…
Tell me how to apply for the gig!
Umberto Tosi said…
Take everything Trump has ever accused others of doing as a confession of what he, in fact, has been doing himself - in plain sight - and you'll have it. a sure fire, best-selling, true-crime classic - "Confessions of Donald Trump!" Ha ha ha.

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