Making the World a Kinder, Gentler Place

On June 4th Call Me Joe by Martin Van Es and myself was published simultaneously in the UK and the Netherlands.

The bookshops, still closed in the UK, were just opening in Holland, which led to the book being stocked in 550 outlets and to a re-print of the Dutch edition before it had even hit the streets. Two weeks later it was number one in Hebban's charts.

In the UK a generous marketing budget meant that a four-page promotion for the book was wrapped around the Bookseller on June 12th, a promotional animation went up on the internet the following week and reviews started to trickle in from the blog tour.

The reactions were good, some of them more than good, and one of the main reasons people said they liked it was because Martin gives some actual suggestions on what we could do to clear up the mess that mankind seems to have got themselves into.

When there is so much turmoil and anxiety about the future, people are finding it refreshing to read concrete ideas as to how to make the world a gentler, kinder place.

Martin’s original goal for the book was to get people thinking about ways in which the whole world could co-operate to save mankind – a venture which is now called “The Joe Project”, after the lead character in the book.  

So, at the risk of appearing hopelessly opportunistic, I have added a few extracts from the early reviews below in the hope of tempting a few more people to think about the possibilities for lessening the chaos that we are currently seeing build up all around us.

“…it is wonderful, for so many different reasons … it really lifted me up and gave me hope … it showed me how simply we can make all the changes needed … an incredibly engaging read … the authors obviously have a great deal of love for the world we live in and the people that inhabit it.”
Tales Before Bedtime

“I loved every word … I loved the concept …fascinating and so real … a unique read.”
The Book Lover’s Boudoir

” … a book that’s stayed in my mind … you can’t help but keep reading … a mix of satire yet serious themes. An intriguing, thrilling, almost prescient read … subjective, thoughtful, current and frightening – a book everyone should pick up … Bravo to the author for writing such a provocative read.”
AlexJ book reviews

” … a great book to read these days …will move every reader and will change the way we see the world.”

“…this stirring novel … this immersive, magnetic story …This gentle, optimistic story of Christ’s Second Coming will resonate with readers looking for a message of hope and empowerment.”
Publishers’ Weekly

“The most special thing about Call Me Joe is credibility … The novel is written very realistically, when in fact it is an absurdist idea.”
 Lisa on Twitter

“Readers who enjoy apocalyptic stories that focus on more than just physical and psychological survival alone will delight in the social, political, and spiritual entanglements … an involving, compelling read right up to the conclusion and a call for radical re-envisioning of mankind’s choices and social and political structures for the sake of the planet’s survival.”
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review
“… highly compelling … This unique spin …demonstrates the idea that we could come together to ensure a safe future …”
Soul and Spirit Magazine
 “The characters are definitely one of the highlights for me”
Melanie’s Reads
“A very different book … a way to start the conversation to ‘save’ the world …  utterly relevant today, I don’t just mean today as in the grand scheme of time, I literally mean TODAY … a really interesting book … has started a fair few questions in my head and has pushed me to look into what I can personally do … to try to help the earth and the people living on it … a really worthwhile book as long as you go in open minded … the writing style was immersive.”
Read to Ramble
“Absolutely devoured Call Me Joe … it feels distressingly timely”
 “A collection of humans who need to band together from the hate and the worry to put the future above gains … when we become less of the countries we inhabit and more become the protectors of the planet … read with an open mind with a view to challenge your thinking … a look at creating a world where we are more caring and kinder to each other to in the end save humanity.”
The Twist and Turn Book Blog

 “A very time appropriate novel – the bickering of world leaders, the greed and self-interest of so many. The author wants readers to consider what they would do to save humanity … it’s a book to make you think about your own actions in the world we live in and whether if we all followed the same principles, that life would be universally much better, much kinder.”
Becks Books
“what I enjoyed the most  … the well-crafted and extremely convincing response and interplay between the world’s leaders, especially the nuanced take on the Russian president and team – Very much worth a read.”
Mumbling About

" … sensitively playing off tensions between the forces of a Tom Clancy-style worldwide stage and the much tighter community found in typical contemporary Christian fiction - a readable and effective combination of international thriller and religious novel."
Kirkus Reviews

 " … a perfect balance of science and religion."
Shayney's Book Corner

" apt book for the times! … So much of this struck true with me of the world we currently find ourselves living in … a brilliant job of showing up the role of 'fake news' … fascinating ….gives you a lot to think about."
Books and Me! 


Umberto Tosi said…
Congratulations on these outstanding reviews. I look forward to reading your book.

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