You Beneath Your Skin goes to the Screens!

In August last year, I was right amid book launch mayhem for You Beneath Your Skin.

Almost one year later, the world is irrevocably changed--there is a pre and post covid era, and we are all waiting for the shape of us when we emerge at the other end, when covid becomes a memory. Things are apparently not yet at their worst.

Through it all, life has gone on, as it does.

Last week, amid all the crazy anxiety for friends and family, I announced a piece of news that helped cheer us a little.

Endemol Shine has optioned You Beneath Your Skin for TV screens, and the news emerged on Hollywood Deadline.

This will hopefully take the book into new hands--and when the TV series gets made, I would get see my characters on screen. I'm equal parts excited and apprehensive, for obvious reasons, but it still makes for good news for the two nonprofits the book supports: Project WHY and Stop Acid Attacks.

Meanwhile, the world still goes on. Everywhere I look, there's misery. In book news, many are struggling for inspiration, or focus, or simply the time and space to write. Many wonder where the books, the end products, would land up. The publishing industry will be pushed, and pushed hard, to make changes. Only the truly agile will survive in this new reality. Like all others, I'm wondering about how relevant my next book will be. We will always need stories, but where exactly will the story I'm writing fit in?

Maybe this is quite similar to normal times. Most novels are a toss-up. Whether we're self of trad-published, we never know how a book will fare unless it's been out for a while.

So we must do what we always do, keep on keeping on. Everything has a time limit. Bad things seem like they’ll last forever, but they don’t. We need to persevere in order to prevail.


Sandra Horn said…
Wow! Congratulations! Your news has brightened my morning!
Nicky said…
Fantastic! Congratulations!
Peter Leyland said…
A very positive approach. I like the keeep on keeping on idea which I often say to myself.
Damyanti Biswas said…
Thanks so much, Sandra.
Damyanti Biswas said…
Thank you, Nicky. It's been a whirl.
Damyanti Biswas said…
Thank you Peter.

My motto is from Finding Nemo: Just Keep Swimming.

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