Don't Lose Your Head, Follow Your Heart by Ruby Barnes

A very brief post from me this month, and a shameless plug for my new release.

I have two main interests - writing and karate - and recently found a way to combine them. The novels I have so far punished the world with include an odd mix of drama, tragedy, human failure, sex and violence. It takes me one to two years to complete a book. This year I wanted to try and write something light and fast, giving myself a daily target of at least a thousand words, but I was lacking a subject. While ruminating on a topic for a new writing project, I threw myself into the world of karate which I have inhabited over the past four years.

The club I'm a member of has an interesting mix of disciplines - sport karate (fairly traditional but without all the Japanese words), semi-contact sparring with full protective gear, weapons, self-defence, something for everyone who wants to work up a sweat and get rid of some day job aggression. My weapon of choice is the katana or sword. Samurai sword sort of thing. As I became more proficient with the sword, I envisaged each strike as actually cutting my opponent to pieces. I'm not really a psycho, so I imagined attacking monsters, zombies in fact. The sword is really the perfect apocalypse weapon for Ireland which has very few firearms. And there I had it. A series of zombie apocalypse novellas with jaw-dropping gory humour. Zombies versus Ninjas.

Each of the two books I have so far published has taken two months from start to finish, including beta reading, editing and publishing. The first reviews are now in for book 1 - Zombies v. Ninjas: Origin. The verdict? See for yourself here. If you think you might like to escape into the world of an apocalyptic Ireland then drop me a line and I'll gladly give you an e-copy.

Thanks for listening and see you on the other side.

The new series from Ruby Barnes

It's a love story (okay, it's not)


Lydia Bennet said…
Seems like a great series, should do well, keep us posted!

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