Haute Couture - by Susan Price and Andrew Price

Welcome back!

I’m so excited – we can watch the arrival of Little Billy Goat Gruff and his special guest, Tinku live, as it happens! Via our amazing Goat-Cam installed in their limo!

Tinku Tries To Help, written and illustrated by Adam Price


And we're back!
I'm talking to one of the stars of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Billy Goat Gruff.

   Three Billy Goats Gruff Story Book

 "Who's trip-tripping across my bridge?"

This well-loved traditional tale is here retold by Carnegie Medal-winning author Susan Price, and illustrated in an exuberant slap-stick comic-book style by artist Andrew Price.

Children will love it for its suspense and humour as they enjoy chanting out loud the repeated refrains. Adults will appreciate how the repeated words and syllables help children recognise how sounds are reproduced in letters. This book is by a UK author, but the wording of this book complies with US spelling.

   Three Billy Goats Gruff Colouring and Activity Book

Little Billy Goat Gruff says, "Some of our words and letters have fallen out of our book! The colour has been lost too! Please, can you help us? Colour us in again and put all our words back together. Thanks!"

This activity book accompanies the retelling, by Carnegie Medal-winning author Susan Price, of the old favourite 'Three Billy Goats Gruff.' Illustrations by Andrew Price.
 First, enjoy reading the story, with its funny illustrations and repeated phrases.
Then open this book and colour-in the illustrations - and see if you can help the goats by filling in the missing words and letters.
While small people will enjoy being read the story and colouring-in large letters spelling 'Eat him!' they won't appreciate, as bigger people do, how much they're learning.
This book is by a UK author, but the special American edition complies with US spelling.


madwippitt said…
All in the best possible taste! :-) This is such fun - loving it!
Lydia Bennet said…
Very lively and colourful!
Elizabeth Kay said…
Your brother is a very talented artist. I can't do that sort of illustration at all. Impressed.

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