Who Ya Gonna Call? Us Ninjas! by Ruby Barnes

This month I'm sharing the info on my upcoming book launch. All are welcome! Here's the blurb from the Facebook event:

Official launch of the Zombies v. Ninjas book series by R.A. Barnes, published by Kilkenny company Marble City Publishing and printed in Ireland.

MC for the evening will be local author and Francis MacManus prize winner Patrick Griffith.

This trilogy of paperbacks features characters that are surprisingly similar to the members of Evolution Martial Arts Academy as they battle to save Kilkenny, Ireland and the World from the Undead. Suitable for all ages from 10 to 110. Ruby Barnes and the Evolution Team members will be signing books on the night. All Marble City profits from the launch will go to Fundraising for Evolution Martial Arts Academy for the team to compete in America in 2017.

More about the books here at rubybarnesbooks.com and I'll be writing a series of blog posts on that site about the background to the rise of the Undead in Ireland, the (pseudo)science behind parthenogenesis and the development of vaccine against the poisonous bite of the Undead's mutant offspring.


Jan Needle said…
I understand about zombies okay, Ruby (I've worked for a few in my time, including Murdoch R) but how do you sign an ebook? Or do I have to come to Kilkenny (which I've always wanted to do)? All the best, wha'evah
madwippitt said…
It says 'paperbacks' Jan ... Like those covers :-) Will check these out later today :-)
Jan Needle said…
told you i couldn't read, madwippitt. i used to work for roop, dinneye? thanks for the steer!
@Ruby_Barnes said…
Yep, Jan, it's a real live event in Stonehouse Books, Kieran Street, Kilkenny. You're more than welcome. I'm hoping my new sword arrives in time in case of any zombie gatecrashers.
Chris Longmuir said…
Time to join the modern world, Jan. There is a web-based way to sign ebooks at authorgraph.com. Here's the link https://www.authorgraph.com/

The signature comes as a file which the reader adds to their kindle. You can simply put your signature on, or add a wee message to go with it.

Good luck with the zombies Ruby.
Jan Needle said…
thanks chris!

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