Well, Hello... - by Susan Price and Andrew Price

Oh - ha-ha! Nice talking to you guys!
      The croc and the tiger, ladies and gentlemen, from The Runaway Chapati.

Tinku Tries To Help

Written and illustrated by Adam Price

“In the shadow of the mystical mountains,
Deep in the tiger-haunted jungle,
Stood a city of flowers and fountains,
That was home to the marvellous Mogul.

“In his palace of marble and jade,
With domes and spires of golden glory,
Tinku the elephant lived and played,
Now listen as I tell her story.” 
This is the most exciting day of Little Tinku's life! The Maharaja is to be married and the whole palace is alive with hustle and bustle.
Tinku wants to help to make the day special. There must be something she can do!
 Gorgeous pictures inspired by the art and architecture of Northern India, help to tell the heart-warming story of little Tinku's adventures as she tries to find out where she fits in the world outside her family. She must overcome set backs and face failure before learning the most important lesson of all: that, no matter what, she is always loved.
This beautiful book makes an ideal story for a child to read with a loving adult.
 UK                                                       US

Also illustrated by Adam Price

The Runaway Chapatti

                                       Words by Carnegie Medal winner Susan Price                                                                  Illustrations by Adam Price. 


                                     UK                                                     US



 Art work for this blog by Andrew Price 


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madwippitt said…
Big pussycat really I suppose?
Susan Price said…
Unless you're a chapatti...

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