Runaway! - by Susan Price and Andrew Price

Hi folks and welcome back!

I'm reporting from the launch party for Three Billy Goats Gruff and they're all arriving -

I hear Great Big is in the building but we can't speak to him right now -

But another limo's pulling up... Who's this arriving?

It's Chapatti!
   Star, of course, of that wonderful, 'The Runaway Chapatti,' which has been such a hit!
     I'm going to try and get a word with him...


Find The Runaway Chapatti here.


Never mind, folks - there are plenty more limos circling the block and I'll be here throughout bringing you up-dates - be sure to check back in now...

Originally written for the Cambridge Reading series, this is Carnegie Medal-winning author Susan Price’s retelling of the traditional story ‘The Gingerbread Man.’

"Once a girl made a chapatti for her tea. But the chapatti didn’t want to be eaten. Up from the table it jumped, and out of the door it ran, singing,
'Run, run, as fast as you can,

You can’t put me in your frying pan!'"

The chapatti leads the girl on a merry chase that involves a friendly dog, a cheeky monkey and a long crocodile before finding a big suprise in the deep jungle!
This simple tale, humorously told, is ideal for instilling a love of reading, with its repeated refrain, and phrases picked out in speech bubbles, helping children to quickly recognise the key words:
Suitable for ages 3-4.

The lively illustrations by Adam Price, full of movement and gorgeous colour, will have children asking for the story again and again.

Find The Runaway Chapatti here. (UK)                                                        (US)


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madwippitt said…
Go Chappatti, go! I reckon the casting directors are going to be chasing you soon too, for remakes of The Running Chappatti and Chappattis of Fire!
Unknown said…
Keep going Chappatti, and watch out for tigers...They are such smooth talkers !
Penny Dolan said…
Oh yes, little chapattis can never be too careful! Keep running. Go, go, go!

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