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The image of the writer sitting alone, huddled over a typewriter is a long held image. For much of the time this is true, although we now have the modern equivalent - a computer and word processor. However, writers do spend a lot of time in solitary confinement, writing. 

And of course there is editing to be done. This really does necessitate being alone, usually with a vast expanse of table, highlighters, red pen, a Thesaurus and a Dictionary. Most writers will tell you at this is hard slog, and yet somehow satisfying. Often it seems to take longer than writing the book in the first place. Then there's rewriting and re-editing. You get the picture. 

What has this got to do with marketing I hear you ask? A fine question indeed. The above leads me on to the first tip I have for marketing your books. 

1. The most important task you can do to market your book is write a good book in the first place. The better the book, the more likely readers are to buy and recommend to their friends. 

2. Next up is write more books. The more books you have, the more you will sell. Bringing out a new book will sell your back catalogue. 

3. Sometimes I will write in other places and then post photo's of where I am writing. The more obscure the better. Remember to stay safe doing this. When I was buying a car I seemed to spend a lot of time sitting around in car showrooms for various reasons. I whipped out my laptop, did a bit of writing and took photos of myself doing so with flash cars in the background. I then uploaded them to social media. The advantage of this sort of thing is that it's fun, your not saying buy my book, and yet it still gets a buzz going about the next book.

The title of my blog said 'It's not all writing'. So far my tips have all been about writing. This is because writing is our primary task. We must set aside time every day for writing and not let the rest get in the way. However, the rest is still important if you want to sell books. 

4. Step out of the door. Yes, get up and get out. Out of the house/office and out of your comfort zone. Take chances. Ask bookshops if you can have a book signing. What is the worst that can happen? They say no. To my knowledge no one has ever died of embarrassment. I was a nurse in a previous life so I can state categorically that is true. 

5. Think of links to your books and see if you can do a book signing or a workshop there. I have done a workshop for children on the Frigate Unicorn. Some of the action in my book takes place on there. The charity were delighted to arrange everything and I had a fabulous time. 

6. Think outside the box. Yesterday I did a book signing at a local mill for their open day. I had a fabulous time and sold books. What a great way to spend a day. Is there anything happening locally which would fit in with your book.

7. Be prepared to make a fool of yourself, and have great fun. I have joined together with several other crime writers and we are doing The Murder and Mayhem Tour. This involves a dead body and lots of questioning from PC Noir or PC Plod depending on which version we do. The person who guesses the murderer gets a prize of one of our books. This can involve our own clothes or costumes. 
8. Join together with other writers to support each other. This can involve marketing each other books, writing reviews of each others books. Please note I am talking about blog reviews here, or reviews on social media. Please do not swap reviews on Amazon as this will get the reviews removed and may even get your account removed.

I hope you've found this helpful. Please add your own advice and tips in the comments, and we can all help each other. If you would like more marketing hints and tips then I am the author of Power Packed Book Marketing



About the Author

Wendy H. Jones is the author of the award winning DI Shona McKenzie Mystery series, and The Young Adult series, The Fergus and Flora Mysteries. She is also an international public speaker, the presenter of Wendy's Book Buzz radio show, and runs a Writers Consultancy and Training company, Equipped to Write.


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glitter noir said…
Great advice, Wendy! Thanks for sharing.
Bill Kirton said…
For those who don't know Wendy, take note. She's a marketing genius, and always ready to share her expertise. If only I weren't such a lazy bugger... Thanks, Wendy, as ever.
Chris Longmuir said…
Great post, Wendy, very useful as always. Keep up the good work and all power to your elbow, from one of your Murder and Mayhem buddies, and please don't make me the body anytime soon!

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