Wanted: A New Word - Karen Bush

It's right on the tip of my tongue.
Or possibly the end of my nose ...

A little while ago I blogged on here about how there was a word for everything - and even words for things that didn't exist. It turns out that this isn't totally true ... there are things that as yet have no words. I found myself groping the other day for a word to describe that moment when you reach that point in a book when it becomes unputdownable. When you just have to keep turning the pages ... dinners are burnt and appointments are late or missed altogether, because you absolutely cannot stop reading it. As far as I know there is as yet no word to describe that moment when you reach that point in a book.
So I'm looking for suggestions - let's put our heads together and be responsible for getting a new word out in circulation. One that is to do with books and reading, and which is a lot nicer than that horrible word twerking which recently got given a berth in the OED.
Answers in the comments below please, and (provided there are 6 or more entries) the best suggestion will be awarded this magnificent Game-of-Thrones style white wolf's head brooch. Winners will be announced in next month's blog.


Penny Dolan said…
A state of Suspitulation?
Bob Newman said…
I suggest "seizing point". And I can't resist mentioning Alan Coren's wonderful title for his review of the Encyclopaedia Britannica: "Once I put it down, I could not pick it up again".
storytrap... you've been storytrapped! (noun and verb)
Jane said…
End-of-the-seat and 'page-turners' have become so overdone. You're right: we need a new term! I always claim that I'm 'booked' when a novel possesses me.

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