Books That Go Bump in the Night

Ghosts Electric

Ghosts, ghouls and other supernatural entities can appear in many shapes and guises but they never come just for fun ...

They usually appear at this time of year, though...

Ghost stories have been firm favourites ever since humans first gathered around a fire to listen to the storyteller weave his magic: the supernatural world which lies just beyond ours was a very real and ever-present part of the lives of our ancestors -- and who is to say things have changed since then? 

Welcome to the world of the weird and wonderful: here you will find tales to thrill and to terrify, to bemuse, bewitch and mystify and above all to make you wonder 'What if...? Could it be ...?' Twenty one offerings from the top writers of Authors Electric.

But if ghost stories aren't your thing...

With a flash of the pen we introduce One More Flash in the Pen, a collection of short stories by the
Authors Electric Collective.

One More Flash in the Pen
     Available as a paperback or an e-book, here are twenty very different short stories: thoughtful, spooky, nostalgic, scary...

     Murder mysteries, romance, satire, fantasy... Ideal for putting some pizzazz into a boring daily commute.


Anonymous said…
I love the cover of Ghosts Electric! Spooky with a touch of menacing fairy tale, reminiscent of Arthur Rackham. I look forward to reading and shivering.

I'm probably not allowed to comment on One More Flash in the Pen, since one of the stories is by me. (But I can vouch for the other 19 being highly readable.)

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