By any other name ... Karen Bush

One of the things I find most annoying about Facebook (apart from the amount of time I waste on it) are the lists that keep doing the rounds. In particular the ones that urge you to "Find Your Hobbit/Elf/Pixie/Reindeer etc etc Name"  Selected on the basis of things such as the first letter of your name or birth month, they are universally dreadful, apparently compiled by someone who possesses little imagination and definitely not the terrific sense of humour (s)he thinks (s)he has ... 

Actually, thinking about it again I realise that these naming lists don't just annoy me: I loathe them. 

I've been  fan of fantasy ever since I started reading, and if I'm going to have a fantasy name, then I want a good one. I've had to put up with my real name for the whole of my life, and this time I want to choose one I like. 

So I'm going to ignore those who feel that Grumblefart Roomclearer or Nosegrinder Earbender is more appropriate: from now on, mortals, you may address me as "Nibwielder" ... although I suspect I'm going to have to make many votive offerings at the altar of the Print Demons to ensure that typos don't conspire to turn me into The Terrifying Nobwelder.

So what's your fantasy name?

Ghosts Electric.
Written by us.
Its good stuff.

PS It's October, the season of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night ... so get a move on and order up your copy of Ghosts Electric or I'll send round Archie PigeonsBane and Angel VolesDoom. You have been warned ..

PPS Oh yeah ... the results of last months competition! I loved all your suggestions, but rules are rules and there weren't six entries. So no winners. That's right, Nibwielder is made of steely stuff and believes in tough love ... 


Chris Longmuir said…
Yes, Karen, these games annoy me as well and they may not all be innocent. I'm reading a Chris Brookmyre crime book just now which has a theme of hackers and one of the things he mentions in it is Facebook games which are phishing exercises. The example he gave which people who are not internet savvy might fall for was a game which asked for your fantasy name made up by using the name of your first pet as the first name and your mother's surname before she married as the last name. Now, as everyone knows, or should know, these are basic examples of security question answers which, of course, we wouldn't fall for. Would we? But, although this is a ridiculous example, maybe it's not far from the truth.
I used to feel like this too until Facebook divulged that my fantasy name is 'Princess of Ravens and Roses'. I've decided this is my true fantasy name and so I won't bother doing any more of these things.

I've always been quite suspicious of the games, quizzes etc that want you to log back into Facebook, but that's ok because I can never remember my password anyway!

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