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Large bracket fungus -
home to an array of mini beasts
I had something completely different planned for this month. However, whilst researching for a project I'm working on I came across the Woodlands Trust website. As the name suggests they actively conserve our woodlands and trees. We all know trees are an extremely important part of our environment, for a number of reasons including:

  • Combating climate change by absorbing CO2 and other pollutants 
  • Protecting against soil erosion therefore helping prevent flooding
  • Improving soil conditions
  • Helping keep cities cooler
  • Reducing noise
  • Supporting a huge range of wildlife and fungus

So, I wanted to share the following: 

Schools, community groups (even a group of neighbours who want to improve a local open space) plus not-for-profits can apply for a free tree pack from the Woodlands Trust - more info can be found at this link.

Also did you know the government has put aside £10 million to help plant 130,000 trees? The fund is being manage by the Forestry Commission. It is open to individuals, local authorities, charities and NGOs. To express an interest in taking part in this initiative then click here.

Please spread the word far and wide - let's get planting!

Blatant plug time

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Umberto Tosi said…
I'm in! Thanks for your positive post. We all need to do something positive every day we can to turn this world around. Not all of us can march, or volunteer for campaigns, or donate large sums to causes we support - but just about anyone can plant a tree or two - as you say.
I love trees, so it's brilliant to know about the Govt funding to plant more of them! However, I believe the same Govt has also given the telecoms companies carte blanche (i.e. they don't need planning permission) to erect 5G masts all over the countryside, and even chop down tall trees that might block the signal? Several of the mature trees in our local park are dying since 4G+1 arrived in my town earlier this year. There are masts and 'small cells' going up everywhere you look at the moment in preparation for the big 5G next year (a lot more masts than new trees, sadly).
Sandra Horn said…
Trees and hedgehogs - two of my favourite things. Thank you, Lynne!
Lynne Garner said…
Umberto - Recently I've found just looking for people who can help via social media is a great way to do something positive. I recently saw a fox with a very bad case of mange. I ask if anyone knew of someone who could help. Thankfully a local rescue is now working with a local school (where the foxes have made their den) to get the meds it needs.

Katherine - that's terrible. I've recently discovered the best way to protect our trees is to contact the local council and get a tree preservation order put in place.

Sandra - my pleasure. And yes hedgehogs are pretty fab as well.

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