What makes a good read? - Karen Bush

How do you judge whether the book you've just finished was
a good read?
Did you slow down, perhaps, as you approached the end in order to try and  make the book last longer?
Or perhaps your reading got faster as the climax came in sight?
Do you have an overwhelming desire to recommend it to each and every one of your friends?
Buy it as a gift for friends and relatives?
Re-read it and still enjoy it just as much as the first time round,
even though you know how the plot works out?
Find it hard to put down?
Sit up late into the night to read just one more chapter?
Think about it when you aren't reading it?
Does it linger in your mind long after you've put it down?
Have you posted glowing reviews about it?

Maybe some or all of the above: maybe some criteria I haven't mentioned.
But let's just rewind to that last one - posting a review.

If you've enjoyed a book, try to stick a review for it somewhere online. 
A positive review  will help to encourage others to buy and read it too, but just as importantly, as well as giving the author a bit of indirect financial assistance it will also give them a perhaps much-needed boost.

Yes, I know I've written about this before, but I think it bears repetition, because it's very easy to get lazy about posting reviews. You promise yourself that you'll do it later, but never actually get round to it. I know that I've recently got very
lax about it.

So, like me, why not add it to your New Year resolution list?
Much easier to keep than all those rash promises about cutting back on booze, giving up on chocolate, and going jogging every day.
Instead, settle back on the sofa, glass of wine in one hand, tin of Quality Street on the other and get stuck into a good book.
And then review it.
Even just a sentence or two is fine - it needn't be strenuous or time consuming!
The Great Rosette Robbery

Haunting Hounds
Why not visit the AE review site at


Susan Price said…
Beautiful illustrations, Karen! - And some thought provoking questions!

I could certainly tick almost all of your check-list with some of my favourite books = Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, for instance.
Penny Dolan said…
Often amazed how often writers pine for reviews, get excited when they find them, but rarely seem willing to comment on books or to review books themselves, as if it's a wholly separate world.

Just love that picture of the writing man - or is he writing up his tax returns?
Susan Price said…
You're so right, Penny - and I think the writing man IS doing his tax returns. He has that pained, suffering look.
Mari Biella said…
You're right, Karen - I've often been lazy about leaving reviews. And one of my New Year resolutions for 2014 is to write at least a short review for every book I read, especially indie books. Indies don't have marketing departments behind them, after all; word of mouth is vitally important.
Chris Longmuir said…
Penny, if you have a look at Authors Electric review site. Eclectic Electric, you'll find reviews written by several of our author members, and the books listed were not all written by authors electric members, although statistically speaking some are bound to be because we appreciate the professionalism and quality of the books written by the members of this community.
madwippitt said…
JS & Mr N is a favourite of mine too - I'm 're-reading' it at the moment as an audio book - it's a good recording!
madwippitt said…
Penny & Chris - there's a link to the EE review site at the end of the blog.

The man has a pained, suffering look because beneath the desk, where you can't see them, a pair wippitts are loudly demanding that he put down his pen and take them for a run, and although he is trying hard, he is finding it hard to ignore them.

Mari - I am doing the same as you - although adding to the resolution that I'll only write reviews for books I liked, so as to avoid leaving negative comments about those which were dreadful ...

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