Ticking something off my bucket list - Lynne Garner

Recently I was handed a sheet of paper and told by him-in-doors "this is for you to fill out." When I looked down I saw the words 'bucket list.' So over the last couple of weeks I've been adding things as they've occurred to me. One of those things was to have one of my book characters turned into a toy. Knowing this was unlikely to happen with my traditionally published picture books I looked at the picture books I've self-published. I soon decided the character from two of my books ('Clever Rabbit' and 'The Best Rabbit') may just work.

A page from 'The Best Rabbit'
So I grabbed my crochet hook, some orange, yellow and red yarn and got crocheting. I must admit I've surprised myself as I've never turned an image into a 3-D object before. I'm already making a second one, which I plan to give to a friend who recently gave birth. I've also been looking at my other characters to see if I can repeat the process and once my brain has chugged for a while and worked out what I need to do I may just give it a go.

My crocheted version of the rabbit character in my two eBooks
If you'd like to have a go at crocheting this chap then the pattern can be found here.

Now where's that bucket list? What else can I tick off?  




madwippitt said…
Brilliant Rabbit! Only I don't know how to crochet ... :-(
Pippa Goodhart said…
I love him! If only I could crochet!
Lynne Garner said…
Crochet is much easier than knitting you only have to worry about one hook rather than two needles. If you're ever over my way then I'd be happy to give you a quick lesson.
Lydia Bennet said…
cute! those of us who write crime fiction may have more macabre results with our crochet hooks!

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