PriceClan Ventures into the Woods... by Susan Price

Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear go for a walk in the woods. Possibly for a picnic.
The picture is from PriceClan's latest picturebook, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I originally published the text with Cambridge University Press as part of their early reading series, but the illustrations are new, by my brother Adam.

When I commented that Papa Bear and Mama Bear reminded me very much of Papa Price and Mama Price, Adam said, "Well, yeah. Obviously."
     But soft! Who comes here, into this woodland glade?

Goldilocks discovers the bears' house.

       These images are by PriceClan's younger brother, by the way. Adam, not Andrew. Concentrate.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

               Andrew is the older brother , and illustrated my Three Billy Goats Gruff.

The Runaway Chapatti

   Adam is the younger, and illustrated my Runaway Chapati.

Tinku Tries To Help


    Oh, and his own Tinku Tries To Help.

     When we were kids, the house was littered with drawings by all of us. We were always baffled by our mother never being able to tell which one of us had drawn any particular sketch. She'd pick up a drawing of a spitfire and say, "Oh, your Dad was always good at aeroplanes."
     "That's by Andrew, Mum."
     Finding a picture of an ancient Greek in full armour she'd take a guess. "Adam's getting very good."
     "I did that, Mum. Adam did this shark." The different styles were as recognisable to us as our faces and we could never understand why Mama Bear couldn't instantly see that this spitfire was by Dad but that one was by Andrew.
     And to be honest, I still couldn't tell you what it was we recognised. I mean, how different can one line drawn in pencil be from another?
 Now Adam has published Goldilocks and the Three Bears. His pictures. My words.

From 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.'

Not that my words were needed all that much.
      If we don't kill each other first, in constant squabbles over - well, everything, but then, the Price household has always rung to the echo with dispute - we intend to publish many more.
      #PoweredByIndie, as Amazon have been tweeting all this month.

     Here's an upcoming attraction.

     This is what older brother Andrew and I - oooh, get the grammar - are working on. It's the moment in The Bremen Musicians when the abandoned, miserable donkey gets the idea of going to Bremen, where they love musicians, and his wonderful singing voice will win him fame.
     A sort of X-Factor moment for animals. Though I think things turn out rather better for Donkey, Dog, Cat and Cockerel than they do for most X-Factor contestants. Definately a happy ending.

Andrew showed me the latest sketches the other night and we played around with the text and speech-bubbles. I'm quite excited about the book. There are going to be little doors opening in the corners, and howls and screeches weaving through the pictures. The animals sing opera. As this video proves donkeys do.

This video of Eddy the donkey was also inspirational when it came to thinking about our singing donkey.

You can find out more about all the PriceClan picture books here.


madwippitt said…
Oh brilliant! Love these picture books - they are such fun, for growed-ups (allegedly) as well as a younger audience. Looking forward to being able to add them to my nephews bookshelf in addition to my own! :-) (And an interactive ebook too - what a clever idea)
Jan Needle said…
Lovely stuff! Just wish I was a bit younger. Ah well - not far off my second childhood...
Susan Price said…
Interactive e-book? Sorry, we're not that clever. Wish we were. Perhaps it's something we can work on.
Bill Kirton said…
Brilliant, laugh-out-loud Goldilocks. You're a talented lot.
madwippitt said…
ooops sorry, got hold of the wrong end of the stick! I thought the doors on the pages and animal noises were part of an interactive, literally all-singing-all-dancing ebook! I'm still looking forward to it whatever shape it materialises in ...
Lydia Bennet said…
what a lovely family venture, long may it flourish with all the attendant squabbling!
Wendy H. Jones said…
Love these images. Al the best with the books
Umberto Tosi said…
What fun in the Price household - put to creative ends: Your Goldilocks adaptations looks like something to bray about indeed!

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