Resolution for a new year : Misha Herwin

My New Year’s resolution has nothing to do with self-improvement - I’m not going to give up dairy, or gluten, or exercise more often, or take up yoga- but a great deal to do with enjoyment.
Simply: I am going to read more books. Last year was a bad year. I didn’t even managed a book a week, while the year before was golden with over one hundred read. Quite why I’ve denied myself the pleasure of becoming absorbed in a book I’m not sure, but I suspect there was too much watching not very good stuff on TV.
Hand in hand with the reading will come the reviewing. No more downloads from Amazon that will be enjoyed but not commented on. Every book by a new, self-published, or published by a small press writer will be reviewed, with the caveat that the truly dreadful will be consigned to the to-be-read pile where they will remain until they have been forgotten.
Good books, however, deserve a wider audience. There’s a meme currently on FB about sharing the love. You read, you review and make the writer happy.
Making people happy is good, it warms the cockles of the heart, makes you smile. It sounds crazy but posting a good review does make me feel better as for getting a good review that is the most amazing feeling.
It’s not only the feel good factor, however. The number of reviews make a difference to the way in which Amazon promotes the writer. Over twenty and you reach the point of being placed in the “customers who bought this item, also bought” category. 
Twenty reviews does not sound many, but people forget, or can’t be bothered, or don’t know how, so you may have many downloads but few reviews. 

So, I resolve to do my bit for my fellow authors in 2018. And if you would like to do the same for me, “Shadows on the Grass” is now available on Kindle. HERE



Chris Longmuir said…
That's a great New Year resolution. My problem is that I can never remember the number of books I read in a year. I know it's a fair amount. However, I picked up a tip on a Facebook book club page and that is to put £1 in a tin each time you finish a book and then spend the money at the end of the year on more books. I thought it a great idea because you can easily check how many books you've read by counting the £1 coins. My first one for this year is in the box and the second due any day now. Normally I would have read more books over this period but I'm in revision hell with the new book at the moment so not much time for reading.
glitter noir said…
Good resolution--and post--Misha. I second your observation about twenty reviews as the hurdle to clear. After 5 years of ebook publishing, I'm still struggling to hit and pass that mark. If more writers who love getting reviews gave them in return the challenge would be far more easily met. And this has nothing to do with 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours'. It's simply about taking time to read and respond to something we've enjoyed. I'll order your book this morning. I hope you'll keep an eye out out for my new book, The Big Bopper, launching March 1.
julia jones said…
A very good NY resolution. I think mine should be to read more widely but I'm not sure. Love the depth that comes through narrowly focussed reading. Will have to think about it. Thank your for triggering this
janedwards said…
Good resolution!
janedwards said…
And congratulations on the book launch.

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