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“We’ve set up a blog tour for you,” my publishers, RedDoor, announced. “It’ll run for about a fortnight around publication date.”

“What exactly do I have to do?” I enquired, assuming I would have to write something for each blog, or do an interview – as is the pattern with PR tours.

“Nothing. They will all review the book on their designated days.”

It seemed hard to believe that anything could actually be that easy for an author. No one ever makes our lives easy – or at least that is sometimes how it seems.

But the reality was even better than that. Not only did they all review the book enthusiastically, most of them tweeted about it and re-tweeted one another’s tweets and then set up competitions for people who might want to win their copies, which resulted in more re-tweets and so the cycle continued. It was like a word-of-mouth campaign on steroids, sending the book rocketing back up the Amazon charts.

RedDoor then produced a poster of juicy quotes from the blogs, which the delighted bloggers tweeted about once again.

To top it off Nick Clee of Bookbrunch, (the leading publishing industry newsletter for those of you who have not yet discovered it), then allowed me to write an article about how wonderful book bloggers are, how there has been a power shift in publishing towards the authors and readers and away from the many layers of gatekeepers who have traditionally stood between us, and allowed me to share those juicy quotes once more, delighting me, RedDoor and the bloggers all over again.

I can confirm that these book bloggers are indeed wonderful human beings because I have since met one or two of them, but even if I hadn’t, anyone who reads books, and then encourages other people to read them, has to be a thoroughly good egg.

Since I am quite sure that all you Electric Authors are now gagging to know what these “juicy quotes” were, I am reproducing them yet again below, selflessly sparing myself no blushes.

 “Such a clever and disturbing book …terrible sense of unease …makes the reader question every underlying principle in their life …I finished feeling completely disturbed … shocked and not a little naïve … totally mesmerising.”

“WOW. Left me reeling by the end …a beautifully crafted and clever story full of depth and intrigue …pacy and becomes surprisingly sinister … I loved the tense, uneasy feeling … Andrew Crofts is a genius story teller … an incredibly thought provoking story... YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!”-

“Unexpected shocking events had me wide awake for hours after …the journey it took me on was one I won’t forget.”-

“Full of power and threat …Crofts’ magical storytelling ability.”

“Totally Absorbing … fascinating, interesting and compelling.”

“An absorbing, well crafted novella.”-

“Very moving and thought provoking …I feel like I’ve just read a true story … you are left gripped …a very emotive story that tugs at your heart and your own belief in humanity.”- Kraftireader

“Deeply insightful, often disturbing … that would leave me uneasy and uncomfortable throughout … extremely clever and well-written … a dark sense of foreboding and shadow … which really left me edgy and alert at all times … the story bursts from the pages and really grips you … unique and well worth reading.”- Booksofallkinds

Wow! … what a kick ass, heart pounding novella … Andrew really does pack a punch … twists, turns and tragedy and I was hanging on the edge of my seat.”
 - hayley10reviews

“A very powerful novel, and one that stayed with me long after I’d finished reading – probably my favourite piece of literary fiction I’ve read this year. A powerful and thought provoking book.” Thebibliophilechronicles

“Not like anything I had ever read before and definitely took me out of my comfort zone … but I loved it … so many moments of unease with twists and turns throughout … I still have this sense of unease and shock …shocking, unexpected and enthralling. 145 pages of pure excitement. - Onedaydreamaway


This is such a brilliant strategy!! Well done you (and your publicity folks) in getting the bloggers interested.
Enid Richemont said…
Wow! Who/what are Red Door? I've just had a book translated into Finnish, and doing my head in trying to access the publishers. My UK ones are Franklin Watts at Hachette.
Andrew Crofts said…
Red Door are an excellent independent house. Based in Sussex. Well worth googling.
Umberto Tosi said…
You've restored my faith in the humanity of certain bloggers out there who don't respond to messages, however friendly from a fellow scribe. Whatever the folks at Red Door are doing, I want in on it. Thanks for a most useful post and good luck with your endeavors!

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